Hospitality Crew
The TYA Hospitality Crew plays an important role in setting the stage for our patrons' theater experience.
Whether patrons are students and teachers attending weekday performances or families attending our public
shows, our job is to ensure that our patrons are safe, comfortable, and well-entertained.

In turn, our Hospitality Crew volunteers experience the excitement of a live show, provide a valuable service,
socialize with others, have fun, and feel a part of TYA.
  School Shows
Head Usher: Arrives 60 minutes before curtain. Helps recruit and verify school ushers. Checks in and orients
ushers. Troubleshoots during school arrivals.

Ushers: Arrive 60 minutes before curtain. Get assignment and orientation. Help organize playbills. Get usher tag.
Other duties before the show: Greet buses. Collect tickets and prize slips. Escort schools to sections. Fill seats.
Distribute playbills to teachers. During the show: See the performance with our compliments in the designated
usher seats! After the show: Help students exit. Clean up auditorium.
  Public Shows
Crew Chief: Arrives 60 minutes before curtain. Reviews assignments. Prepares orientation. Secures usher tags.
Other duties before show: Marquee greeter and concessions.

Hospitality Crew: Arrives 45 minutes before curtain. Get assignments and usher tags. Orientation. 30 minutes
before curtain: To your stations. House opens 30 minutes before curtain.
  Lobby Jobs
Marquee Greeter: Welcomes patrons at the marquee door. Reminds patrons to sign up for prize drawing and
which theater door to enter.

Playbills: Two youth (grade 3 and up) needed at the doors.

Ticket Takers: Two teens/adults at the doors to check and tear tickets during pre-show and first act.

Prize Table: Two youth or one child plus teen/adult in the lobby during pre-show and intermission.

Merchandise Sales: One teen/adult efficient at handling money during lobby sales during pre-show and

Refreshments: Three adults to assist crew chief during pre-show and first act.

Will-Call Table: One teen/adult to assist patrons in picking up their online and phone ticket orders.
  Inside The House
Stage Guard:
One adult stands on the red carpet near the stage to prevent patrons from using the SL and SR
vom doors during pre-show, intermissions, and post-show autograph time. Troubleshoots as needed during

Ushers: Four teens/adults in the aisles to help people find their seats.

Hawker: One outgoing adult/teen to "hawk" refreshment tickets in the aisles before the show.

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