Have you ever wondered...  
  "Could I direct a show?"
"What's it like to be a set designer?"
"Would I enjoy stage managing?"
"Can I operate the lights?"
  What is Rising Stars Youth Theater Troupe?
Rising Stars Youth Theater Troupe is a unique TYA program that offers youth in grades 5-12 the opportunity to
explore the theater arts in a laboratory setting while watching their ideas come to life in front of an audience!
Youth are encouraged to work in teams (for example, a small group might design the set, lights, and sound
together, while another group might create choreography). Under the tutelage of TYA's professional staff, young
people can work on plays and musicals, serving as:
•Costume Designers/Creators
•Lighting Designers
•Sound Designers
•Set Designers
•Stage Crew Members
•Stage Managers
•Light and Sound Operators
  Participation Options
  •Rising Stars Stage Directors, Music Directors, and Choreographers
stage the show.
•Rising Stars Designers conceptialize and execute set design, lighting,
sound, costumes, hair, and make-up.
•Rising Stars Techies manage the stage, run the crew, and operate
lights and sound.
•Rising Stars Cast perform as actors, singers, and dancers.
•Rising Stars Crew craft the set, props, and costumes under the
direction of the designers.
  Assistantship Positions
  Perhaps you need to "get your feet wet" before undertaking a full
leadership position. If that's the case, assistantships are available for
youth who want to shadow and assist.
  Job Teams/Combinations
  Youth may participate as:
Stage Manager/Set Designer/Crew
  Example: The light board and sound operators may be selected from the set designer, lighting, and sound
designers. A set designer might stage manage the show.
  Leadership Positions and Requirements  
  •Music Director/Accompanist must demonstrate proficient piano skills and knowledge of music, and must
demonstrate an ability to teach, accompany on the piano, and be well organized and responsible.
•Stage Directors must exhibit strong acting skills and have stage experience as an actor. They must be well
organized, responsible, cooperative, and have a keen interest in dance and choreography. They must also have
stage experience as a dancer and actor.
•Stage Managers must be extremely organized with attention to detail. They must enjoy motivating and
organizing people in a firm, friendly manner.
•Designers of Set, Lighting, Costumes, Hair/Makeup, and Sound do not need prior experience; however,
they should demonstrate a keen interest in design, a willingness to learn, self discipline, organization, creativity,
attention to detail, and a strong work ethic.
  Parental Participation
  Parents are required to provide support on photo/video documentation, onsite supper, and hospitality team to
include crew chiefs, ushers, concessions, and merchandise. They may be asked to assist the production as needed in costumes, props, lighting, sound, and set. They are required to assist with strike. It is understood that the productions
are "youth-driven;" however, parental advice and skill may be needed.

Parents are required to volunteer 15-30 hours.

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